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Butterfly Rising

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  1. Won't Give Up Beverley Stone 3:23
  2. Let Me Down Easy Beverley Stone 3:53
  3. I've A Right To Have This Feeling Beverley Stone 3:43
  4. Round In Circles Beverley Stone 3:16
  5. Living The Dream Beverley Stone 4:12
  6. Live For The Moment Beverley Stone 3:57
  7. No Mystery Beverley Stone 3:26
  8. Love Don't Mean A Thing Beverley Stone 4:29
  9. One Day In My Life Beverley Stone 3:42
  10. A Truth That Just Can't Be Denied Beverley Stone 2:37
  11. Catch Me Beverley Stone 4:03


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Outdoor Summer Festival


Private Event

Heybridge, Maldon

Osea Leisure Park Goldhanger Road
Heybridge, Maldon CM9 4SA

Private Event

Dymchurch, Kent

New Beach Holiday Village Hythe Road
Dymchurch, Kent TN29 0XJ

Remembrance Sunday Show



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