Vocal Coaching

Having undergone formal training from a very early age Beverley has worked as a professional vocalist since leaving an office job in 1993. Performing popular songs is her vocation. She has a strong preference for the Great American Songbook or most all music where the emphasis is on melody combined with a meaningful story to tell.

Beverley has been to many parts of the world performing in all variety of ensembles, and venues. These, range from fronting big swinging bands in large theatres to small groups in intimate night clubs.

Her voice coaching is based on 5 simple principles:

1. Practice and preparation: developing and tuning the instrument

2. Technical correctness: singing the right notes, in the right way, in the right order

3. Focussing on performance: delivering the story to be told – touching emotions

4. Honest and constructive feedback to students

5. The essential need to have a good time – smiles and laughter obligatory

Two years ago I embarked on singing lessons with Beverley. My aim was to put together a repertoire of songs to perform an hour’s entertainment, at day centres for older people. From never having done this before I am now able to sing over 20 songs with either musicians or backing tracks. Beverley also advised and showed me how to operate my musical equipment and use loudspeakers, microphone and an amplifier.

Beverley helped me with my phrasing and breath control. Understand what I was singing about – I.e. tell a story – bring the song to life and really feel it! She is an amazing teacher and it is a joy to work with her.

Mike Yershon 6th January 2019

“ Bev is a great singing teacher and I enjoy our lessons as she gives me a confidence boost as well as challenges me to try different things. She is an enthusiastic and patient teacher, and provides good  technical tips and techniques. 
We had occasionally done “virtual” lessons pre-pandemic so Bev has easily adapted her teaching methods on-line and is good at finding ways to make it work, whatever your IT set-up. 

With Bev’s coaching, my voice and my confidence have definitely improved. “

Sarah E Allen